Thursday, May 28

Month: May 2019

The Chinese man with traditional title in Kano shares Food to less privilege

 Chinese man that was recently crowned with the traditional title, Wakilin 'yan China, translates to 'leader of the Chinese residents' In Kano state, Mike Zhang has been spotted dressed in traditional attire sharing food to less privilege.Mike Zang was seen on the street and in orphanage homes with some of his brothers and security personnel sharing the food.

I truly hope and Pray that this time Things would be better>>Zahara Buhari to her Father

One of the daughters of the President Muhammadu Buhari, Zahara Buhari has sent a touching message an a prayer to her father as he started another four hears journey as a democratically elected president.Zahara posted 3 pictures on her Instagram page from the previous Inaugurations of President Buhari and wrote'For the third time, Allah has given you the opportunity...May Allah give you the ability to lead justly. Amin.I truly truly hope and pray that this time things would be better. The expectations of Nigerians are reasonably met, office holders respect Nigerians by serving them wholeheartedly and the Nigerian people being "the change" God help us Amen

Read Senator Shehu Sani’s Hilarious response to Buhari no Inaugural speech

Many Nigerians reacted Thorugh social media after president Muhammadu Buhari refused to give a speech after his second term Inauguration ceremony at Eagles Square yesterday, 29 May 2019. Although the presidency had earlier said the Inauguration will be low-key but many Nigerians were surprised that the president didn't give the Inauguration speech.Senator Shehu Sani was among Those that reacted to the president's inaction'You expected speech and now you are left speechless', he said

I regretted drinking gutter for Buhari’s Reelection: Buhari Die-hard fan

 The young man who drank gutter to celebrate the reelection of President Muhammad Buhari in the last concluded general Election, Aliyu Gayu has said that he regretted his action.According to Rariya, Aliyu said he risked his life to show his support for the reelection of President Buhari but no one has shown any sign of appreciation to him,' I am abandoned after risking my life by drinking gutter to celebrate Buhari reelection, I could have died but Allah saved me, some even reported that I died but still no appreciation from APC and Buhari'I still love Buhari and pray that one day I will be able to see him face to face.

May Every Cheating guy marry a woman that is bed-wetting

Cheating is one of the most disappointing issues in relationships which both sides, male and female, complaining about it now and then. But the approach with which many deals with a cheating partner differs. A Nigerian Lady sparked reactions after saying a bad prayer for cheaters on Twitter.The lady with Twitter handle @Raahmatuallah wrote ' Any Guy that is cheating on his girlfriend, may he marry a woman that is bed-wetting.