Tuesday, March 31

Business man sends an Open letter to Niger state Governor for abandoning him

 A Business man From Niger State, Abdullahi Dan Salma has sent an open letter to the Governor of the state, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello lamenting how he used all his resources in Campaingning for the Governor in 2015 but he has now been abandoned.

In a Facebook post, Abdullahi Called on the Governor Abubakar to fear Allah in his activities and for the sake of Allah to give him back some of the Money he has used in Campaignin for him during 2014/15 Election.

I lost my 2 luxirious houses and my Capital in Campaigning for you, in short i don’t have a house to live in with my Family as i can no longer afford Rent.

I would want you to investigate and confirm my claim on time and please also respond on time.

And i want you to amend your ways because you have bad advisers.

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