Wednesday, April 1

Kidnap kingpin Wadume: I’ve lost my manhood, I can’t make love again


Kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Bala, popularly known as Wadume, has claimed he can no longer have sex, as he lost his manhood in the incident in which three policemen and a civilian were allegedly killed by soldiers.

The suspected kidnapper is undergoing interrogation since the day he was rearrested in Kano by police detectives.
A source told The Nation that “Wadume is giving a lot of information, and most of his revelations are true. But as a criminal, some of his information are half-truth.”
Wadume said that he has observed that his penis no longer erects.
Wadume, 34, has four wives and four children with two of the wives. “The other two are yet to conceive,” he said.
He narrated: “I was arrested by the police in Ibi on August 7. The police said I am a kidnapper and they handcuffed my hands and legs.
“On our way, we passed through an army checkpoint and after identification, they allowed us to go. We passed the second checkpoint which had mobile policemen and they also allowed us to pass.
“At the third checkpoint, we wasted a little time but they allowed us to go after the policemen told them they were detectives on assignment.
“Five minutes after we left that point, an army patrol vehicle started shooting at us. Our vehicle got hit, summersaulted severally times and crashed.
“When the bus stopped, all of us came out alive, except for bullet wounds. A bullet hit part of my scrotum.
“When I ran to my uncle in Kano state, he called a doctor to treat the bullet wound that affected my private part.
“It is possible, I cannot use it (manhood) again because of the damage and I have discovered that when I wake up in the morning these days, I no longer have erection.”
“Although, I did not ask soldiers to kill the policemen or anyone, I was happy when they rescued me. But I am happier now that the police have arrested me alive, instead of killing me,” he said.
“I am not a kidnapper, but I supply arms to different gangs. I make enough money as a supplier of riffles. I know I have committed a crime selling guns, but I am willing to change for good.”

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