Thursday, April 9

60 year old German infected with Coronavirus/COVID-19 dies in Egypt

The ministry of health in Cairo announced on sunday that, a 60 year old German infected with Coronavirus/COVID-19 has lost his life. Becoming the first death to be registered since the outbreak of tha viruu in Africa.


The ministry’s spokesman khaled Magahed in his statement said the man landed in Hurghada egypt from The city of luxor about a week ago In which he Had symptons of high temperature after he arrived.


He also said the man went to a hospital at hurghada in which he was tested positive for the Coronavirus/COVID-19. The man was admited at the intensive care as he was suffering from respiratory failure caused by acute pneumonia.


The german refused to be transferred to another hospital for quarantine As his condition worsened in which he later die on sunday to the illness.

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