Thursday, April 9

Alibaba Cautions Nigerians About Coronavirus


Renown Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba, has cautioned Nigerians against exposing themselves to the deadly coronavirus as he disclosed that no pastor or imam has the cure for this deadly coronavirus.

In a recent post, he urged people not to be deceived by pastors who claim to have the  antidote to  the virus.

The veteran comedian revealed this as he advised people to remain at home and protect themselves.

He stressed in the caption: “Or any Imam… stay safe. Dont test God. You can not be holier than the Pope and other Senior Pastors. They have all said stay at home, away from exposing yourself to contamination and pray. Don’t try to impress anyone with your faith. Be guided”

He added:

I studied Religious Studies and Philosophy for 4 years. I read the scriptures in Hebrew and Greek.

I studied the early formations of Islam. #MrOsasona taught us basic arabic to understand the Qur’an.

The Bible is clear and sacrosanct.

Stay away. You may ask, “Since when did Ali Baba become the person children of Gos should listen to?”.

Well, Rehab was a prostitute in Jericho… she was the one that saved the spies. God can use anyone.

Stay away from contacting and contracting the virus. Until it blows over and there is a cure.
What do I know? Shebi I am just a comedian?”

See the post below;

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