Thursday, April 9

Aregbesola urges polytechnics to restructure their system into being Practical rather than Theoretical

Mr. Abdul Rauf Aregbesola, Minister of Interior and the former governor of Osun state has revealed in his speech at the 27th convocation lecture of lagos state Polytechnic LASPOTECH that, The institutions providing technical education in the country are not performing up to expectation of the society because they have switched to being rather theoritical than practical in practice.


In the lecture entitled “Technical Education as a sure path to fulfilling Nigeria’s historic role in Africa,”  Aregbesola said they have abandoned the purpose for which they have been established.
He asserted: “According to the Federal Polytechnic Act of 1979, the polytechnics were established to provide full or part time courses of instruction/training in technology, applied science, commerce and management and in such other fields of applied learning relevant to the need of the development of Nigeria in areas of industrial and agricultural production and for research in the development and adaptation of techniques as the council may from time to time determine.“How many polytechnics can really claim to be operating strictly within this mission statement? As a preceptive observer puts it, while universities are gravitating towards the technical, the polytechnics are gravitating towards the theoretical.”
The former governor also noted that, certificates acquired by graduate are almost useless, as they lack the technical skills that’s suppose to be bestowed on them.
He also spoke on the matter of discrimination of polytechnic graduates by employers as self indicting.
That employers outside the public sector are rational actors, that they want well productive employee that will add value to their organization. That naturally a polytechnic student is suppose to have more advantage over others, as they are suppose to possess Technical and vocation training he said.
Mr Aregbesola further challenged the polytecnics to the restructure their sytem.

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