Sunday, April 5

Bishop Oyedepo proceeded with church services despite restriction by government of Nigeria

The winners chappel general overseer Bishop David Oyedopo proceeded with his church services after strong restrictions being placed on gatherings of mosque and church services.
This restrictions which was an order by the federal republic of Nigeria was violated by the renowned Bishop.
Oyedepo who said “Only the help of God can save Nigeria and Africa in a while from this Pandemic.”
Oyedepo said: “Plagues cannot stop us. Coronavirus cannot stop God’s children, but I assure you that the solution will be found this week.
“Only the help of God can save us , our markets are open so there is no way to curb this but only God can save Africa from this pandemic, We are a law-abiding people and pray for this to be over but we will manage this till the end.
“Strategies are being developed on how to manage this in respect to our worship programs. We will come up with specific programs during the week that will be communicated to everyone.
“Our Zonal positions may have to be enlarged to accommodate a lot of people.”
He however said that the panacea to this current problem will be resolve within this week.

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