Tuesday, March 31

Coronavirus infecting people in alerming rate in the UK, set to spike around Easter

The coronavirus is now infecting people increasingly in an alarming rate in the United kingdom.


The number of patients infected has now risen to 164 as one 88 year old man was reported dead from the virus yesterday. Becoming the second death from the virus to be recorded in the Country.


Experts now revealed that the outbreak of the virus is going to spike this easter as many more citizens are set to become infected by the deadly virus.
Microbiologist Peter Piot spoke to The times : “I’m often asked whether the threat is being overhyped. The answer, to me, is no.

“This is the real thing.


“I  think we will go to the peak of the epidemic somewhere around Easter.”


Even once it reaches its peak, coronavirus chaos could last for another six months – infecting millions of people as the UK is ravaged by the disease.


Dr Piot added: “If it goes down in April or May it could come back again in November.”


He made this statements soon as Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government, cautioned that UK was at the verge of an outbreak of the Virus. As the number of the infected by the virus doubled sized within tuesday to thursday, with figure rising from 51 to 116.He said: “We have cases across Europe, across the world, this is a global epidemic and we would expect to see more cases in the UK.


“We’ve got a reasonable worst-case scenario, that involves 80 per cent of the population and we think the mortality rate is one per cent or lower. I expect it to be less than that.


“It takes about 12 weeks to reach the peak then maybe about 12 weeks to go away again.


“You expect about 90 per cent of cases in the nine weeks in the middle of that and 50 per cent of cases in the three weeks of the middle of that.”

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