Saturday, March 28

Coronavirus: Price Of Chloroquine Increases Almost Six Times – Tchidi Chikere Laments


Popular Nollywood Actor Tchidi Chikere has raised the State of concern regarding that the price of Chloroquine has risen almost six times the normal price it was formerly sold.

The development comes  after US President Donald Trump disclosed that the FDA had approved the  use of Chloroquine for treatment of the coronavirus.

The Actor took to his social media to inform us  of the amount he bought a pack of the drug.

He wrote: “JUST BOUGHT CHLOROQUINE NOW FOR 4,000 NAIRA PER SMALL PACK. USED TO BE 700 NAIRA PER PACK..NAIJA! EXPLOITATION.” recalls that today, a Nigerian man was allegedly rushed to the hospital unconscious after an overdose of chloroquine.This story was shared online by popular doctor, @Aprokodoctor. He wrote:

”Breaking News They just rushed someone into a hospital, he was unconscious What happened? Went to drink a lot of chloroquine because they said chloroquine cures Coronavirus. Has been giving his kids too Nigerians, every drug is a poison including chloroquine Use your head “

adding ”Yes, hydroxylchloroquine showed promise in some patients with the COVID19 infection. But there is further testing before it’s approved as a treatment for the new Coronavirus. There are side effects of every drug. EVERY WHAT? EVERY DRUG. You don’t just get drugs and swallow “

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