Thursday, April 9

COVID-19: Atiku Abubakar Donates N50 million to fight off the COVID-19

The former vice president of Nigerian Atiku Abubakar, has donated N50 million through his company Priam group. For the purpose of containg the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation.
Atiku Abubakar whose son is also infected with this deadly virus has commnded the Nigerian government for their proactive measures being set in motion to contain and avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. He also encourage the Nigerian government to provide financial assistance to the public so as to help them abide by the orders being issued for the purposes of avoiding and containing the COVID-19 pandemic.
“However, we must accept the fact that much of the Nigerian public have a subsistence existence. A large percentage of our people do not have the financial capacity to withstand long periods of self-isolation and even lockdown. It is, therefore, incumbent on the Federal and state governments to provide palliatives to the Nigerian people to enable them to survive, even as they abide by these necessary measures put in place for their safety,” he said.
“It is thus time for the National Assembly to reconvene in an emergency session, perhaps by teleconference (in line with the demands of social distancing), to legislate a Stimulus Package Act that will cater for all Nigerian citizens.
“I also call on all Mobile Telephony Companies in Nigeria to urgently develop mobile money platforms so that the government can reach the unbanked with financial assistance. I also urge these telecommunications firms to offer each of the 100 million mobile phone lines in Nigeria free credit of at least ₦1500 per mobile line, so that Nigerians who show symptoms, or those who just want information, can call the nearest available health facility, or even an ambulance service, as the case may be,” he added.

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