Wednesday, April 1

COVID-19: FCT authorised the arrest of drivers overloading vehicles with passengers

The Chairman, FCT Ministerial Task Team on Traffic Management, Mr Ikharo Attah has revealed that directive has been given to road traffic enforcement officers across the federal capital territory to imidiately intensify the arrest of drivers who overload their vehicles with passengers.


He further emphasised that at a time in which the world is fighting COVID-19 pandemeic by advocating public distancing. As such, it will be improper for drivers to overload passengers in a bid to make fast money which could possibly aggravate the posible spread of the COVID-19 virus.


He said; “Those carrying two passengers in front of their vehicles would have their vehicles impounded and drivers licence seized. Besides the health risks, it is also unsafe as the driver finds it difficult to adjust his gear and hand breaks”

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