Sunday, April 5

COVID-19: Federal governement imposes ban on abroad travel by officials

Mr. Boss Mustapha, the secretary to the government of the federation has disclosed on tuesday at the end of inaugural meeting of the 13-man presidential force for the control of CoronaVirus that , the federal government has imposed a ban on overseas travel by any officials of ministries, departments, and any other agencies until further notice.
He also advised travelers to cancel all trips to abroad expecially the high risk nations.
“After due consideration and the trend of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the subsequent declaration as pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the committee has decided that we upscale our health emergency system to the highest level and put in measures to curb further spread of the disease.
“So far we have three cases two have tested positive, one negative. We will want to ensure that this does not go beyond this minor figure for now. “On the part of government, we have decided that it has become necessary to advise all public officials in the Ministries, Department and Agencies and the parastatals that government has banned all forms of travel out of the country for whatever reasons, bilateral, multilateral, conferences, seminars, workshops, negotiations, presentations and any form of other ceremonies. “This ban will remain in place till further notice and until the situation of the coronavirus abets. “By this notice, any prior approval to travel abroad for official assignments during this period is accordingly rescinded. “With regards to the general public, we want to advise strongly that citizens in their own interest should cancel or postpone all non-essential travel abroad including business and vacation trips. This is especially for travels to countries known to be seriously affected by COVID-19,” Mustapha said.
He named the high risk countries as China, Iran, South Korea, Germany, Italy, USA, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, France and Japan.
In which he noted that anybody returning from this high risk places should self isolate for 14 days. As the Nigeria center for disease control has given guidelines to aid in self isolation, the government will try as much as posible to publicize these guidelines.

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