Tuesday, March 31

COVID-19: four more patients tested positive in Lagos

The Lagos state commissioner for health Prof, Akin Abayomi has revealed on thursday that, four new persons have tested positive for the CoronaVirus. Making the number of cases in the state to be 11.
This means that more than 12 people have been infected with the disease in the country.
He disclosed that 19 people were tested for the virus on Wednesday in Lagos and four of them tested positive.
The commissioner further disclosed that, more tests were still being carried out, saying that it was clear that “we have combination of imported cases and local transmission. The Executive of Lagos State is meeting on the next stage on social distancing.
“The best way to slow the rate is to halt movement of the virus from person to person,” he said.
He appealed to people on the two flights to self-isolate themselves and to reach the government.
“Currently, we are following over 1,300 people right now to find information about the state of their health and the number is increasing,” he said.

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