Friday, April 10

COVID-19: Make Peace With God, Stop Panicking – Uche Elendu urges Nigerians

Uche_ElenduNollywood actress, Uche Elendu just like every other concerned Nigerian is urging her fans and followers on Social media to make peace with God and calm their panic over the spread of Coronavirus.

The single mother of two beautiful daughters relay  her concern over the level of harm for everyone who is liable to contract the deadly virus.

The actress shared the cryptic image above and captioned it, “This is unexplainable but if youve suffered for something thats absolutely no fault of yours, then you can relate.

“We blamed HIV on sexual misconduct, kidney issues .. that one don use cigar kill himself, cancer, haa that one too dey chop processed foods, Now corona virus… that one dey shake hands?? Guys lets wake up to reality, the signs are there, we all need to make peace with God and be positive instead of creating panic.

“Wash your hands thoroughly Use hand sanitizers..Stay hydrated. Observe social distance..Dont shake hands or hugs. PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY. May the good lord see us through this .”



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