Monday, April 6

COVID- 19: Trump offers $1 billion to German firm for posible future vaccine

The United states president Donald Trump has reportedly offered as much as $1 billion to a German company said to be working on the Coronavirus vaccine for exclusive use by the United states, as reported by a German newspaper.


According to Welt am sonntag, Trump approached a German scientist who works for Curevac, a german pharmaceutical company based in Tuebingen, And tried to manipulate them into working for the United states.


Trumps offer was made with the intention of securing any future vaccine. “only for the U.S.,”
But according to reports, the german government has countered the offer so as for the company to remain in Germany.


The German health Minister was approached for comment by DPA , in which the minister referred them to an earlier statement made to the paper.
“The government is very keen that a vaccine against the novel coronavirus is developed in Germany and in Europe,” the spokeman said.


“The government is in intensive discussions to that end with the CureVac company,” the spokes person further added that, Curevac is reportedly working with Paul Ehrlich Institute, the german body reponsible for approving vaccine and pharmaceuticals for CoronaVirus.


Meanwhile, in a report due to be published by Mannheimer Morgen newspaper on Monday, Curevac investor insisted that they will never consider working on an exclusive vaccine for the United States.

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