Monday, April 6

DJ Timmy Tenders Apology To Akpororo’s Wife 3 Years After Insulting Her

DJ Timmy

Renown Nigerian Disc Jockey- DJ Timmy has tendered a profound apology to Akpororo’s wife straight three years after insulting her and tarnishing her reputation.

Timmy recently dragged out his former best friend and partner, Yung6ix for being deceptive and being the reason for his depression. Well, it appears that he is also reconciling with enemies he made while he was still loyal to the rapper.

The disc jockey took to his Instagram page tender an apology to the comedian. According to him, it was stupidity and loyalty to the wrong person that made him circulate  lies about his wife. He revealed that he had never met the comedian’s wife and everything he said in the past was made up to tarnish his image.

In his own words:“I want to use this medium to tender my reserved apology to Akpororo & his family. I have always wanted to do this but I NEVER had a chance to. I was Young, stupid & Blindly loyal that is why I was fighting another man’s battle.”

” I thought doing that was a sign of loyalty but I was just plain stupid.Let it be on record that all through my stay in Leadcity university, I never met your wife and everything I said back then was a BIG LIE

I hope this episode will teach others a lesson that KARMA Is real. Allow people fight their battles and stop with the Blind loyalty. I am your Big fan and will continue to be a fan. May God lift and uphold you now and forever (Amen)”

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