Thursday, April 9

Embrace Electronic transfer rather than Cash to Avoid Coronavirus/COVID-19-CBN Advices Nigerians

The central bank of nigeria, has issued advise to the nigerian citizens to resort to other means of payment like electronic transfers rather than cash transactions So as to avoid the possible spread of Coronavirus/covid  in the nation.


Mr isaac Okoroafor the CBN director of corporate Communication gave this advice in a telephone interview with NAN in lagos.


He also disclosed that one of the ways to contact the virus is by touching surfaces of object that has the virus and then touching ones eyes, nose or mouth with the unwashed hands.


“In times like this, it is advisable for Nigerians to adopt alternative payment methods such as electronic transfers, internet banking, USSD, etc, to avoid the disease – Covid-19.


“The Naira note is one surface that people touch every day. It will be wise for us to wash hands after handling money, especially if you are eating or touching food,” he said.


He also disclosed that ”Its efficiency has minimised liquidity, settlement, systemic credit and operational risks which were inherent in financial transactions.

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