Monday, April 6

Generator ban and prohibition Bill passes first reading

A senator from Niger south, senator Bima Enegi has sponsored a bill titled “Generating Set (Prohibition/Ban) Bill, 2020.” This bill was presented on wednesday plenary at the upper chamber in Abuja.


It could be recalled that Niger state senators have all presented confusing bills like the one of Senator Abdullahi Sabi of Niger North on hate speach, also the anti social media bill presented by senator Mohammed Sani Muhammed of Niger east.


The three Niger state senators to many have not represented the good people of Nigeria as they expected from them. The three bills are said to be against the will of the populace.


It was also gathered that the plenary on wednesday also delebrated on the Immunity for Federal Lawmakers for Words Spoken at Plenary and a bill to prevent the Federal High Court from entertaining pre-election disputes.
The Senate, however, did not throw the bills open for debate before referring them to its Committee on Constitution Amendment for further legislative action channel news reports.

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