Monday, April 6

Indonesia records first case of Coronavirus


Indonesia has announced its first two coronavirus cases as Iran reported 11 more deaths from the virus, bringing its death toll to 54 – the highest outside China.
CNN news has it that coronavirus has now infected more than 89,000 people and spread to over 60 countries after first emerging in China late last year.
A second person died in the northwestern US state of Washington as President Donald Trump, who has downplayed the risk of a major outbreak, faced criticism over his administration’s preparedness.
South Korea, the biggest nest of infections outside China, reported nearly 500 new cases on Monday, raising its total past 4,000.
Half of South Korea’s cases are linked to a sect whose leader apologised Monday for the spread of the disease. Seoul’s city government asked prosecutors to press murder charges against him.
With fears of a pandemic on the rise, the World Health Organization urged all countries to stock up on critical care ventilators to treat patients with severe symptoms of the deadly respiratory disease.
The rapid spread of the coronavirus has raised fears over its impact on the world economy, causing global markets to log their worst losses since the 2008 financial crisis, though Asian markets rebounded on Monday.
China’s economy has ground to a halt with large swathes of the country under quarantine or measures to restrict travel.

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