Thursday, April 9

IWD Group: “More women should be inluded in leadership of the nation”

Nigeria has joined other countries to celebrate on March 8, the international women’s day. As part of the celebration on Thursday, a Group namely the Abuja city toastmasters club, has suggested that more women should be included in the leadership of the nation. They made this suggestion at their meeting on Thursday in collaboration with AFEX commodity exchange limited with the theme ‘realizing women’s right ‘


This group consists of different women from different profession in the society. This group further demanded for fairness, equity, respect, and an unbiased ground for the better prospect of the nation, economically, culturally, socially, financially and other aspects of the nation.


Binta Max gbinije spoke in this meeting that women could further excel Nigeria’s gross domestic product by 25 percent in 5 years. She said women possession a lot of potential which will help a nation progress more, economically and socially. She further emphasised that men in the society have succeeded in disenfranchising women from using the innate talents.


”Men must come into the party, we need he for she; men who buy into the agenda. Half of our population is made up of women so we need men to join in the fight.


“If we get men come into the party we can actually move our GDP by 25 per cent in 5years. That is what can happen. Let the men come on board, we need one another, ” she said.

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