Monday, April 6

Jigawa state governor debunks claims of being held hostage in Hadejia

According to statement issued by Auwal Sankara the senior special assistant to the Jigawa state governor, Muhammad Abubakar, it is true that the governor visited Hadejia town on saturday In which they were warmly welcomed by the residents of the town but the reports revealing that they were held hostage for some hours by some Aggrieved youths are false.


Auwal Sankara Added that the Governor and his entourage were ofcourse in Hadejia for a wedding but were not attacked.


“Of course,  the governor visited Hadejia for the said wedding which took place on Saturday, the truth of the matter is that His Excellency was welcomed by people and accorded warm reception in his second home after his hometown of Babura where he always enjoy massive support and warmth welcome whenever he visits Hadejia, Vanguard Reports.


We don’t know where the reporter spotted youths in their hundred that booed and attempted to lynch Governor Badaru and his entourage.” The statement says.


He also added that the Governor was never in Company of all the 3 Senators representing the state when he visited Hadejia.


He described the report as the handiwork of Mischeif-Makers that will never pull the governor down or stop the cheers the governor receives whenever he visit Hadejia.

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