Thursday, April 9

Lynxxx Reveals Why He Is Not Making Gospel Music Even Though He Is Now Born Again


Veteran Nigerian singer, Chukie Edozien, AKA  Lynxxx, has stated that he has not been directed by God to drop a gospel song to conform with his new status.

The ‘Fine Lady’ crooner made the release to his fans that he became a born-again Christian precisely 5 years ago, and that he is not a gospel Singer.

During a recent interview with Punch’s Saturday Beats, Lynxxx revealed that he is still making hip hop music even though his lifestyle has changed.

He said, “It has been five years since I have been a born again Christian and I’ve never said I am doing gospel music. I am still Lynxxx and I still make good music. The only difference is that my lifestyle has changed. I am not releasing gospel music or album anytime soon because I don’t feel like God has pointed me in that direction. However, expect new music from me.”

He also disclosed that he has been spending his time building businesses instead of doing music for now. “For the past five years, I have been building businesses. To be realistic, I cannot bequeath a music career to my children but I can give them businesses I have built for them to inherit. I no longer think about myself alone. Now, I am concerned with building and leaving something for generations to come. If I have been able to sustain myself without making music for a certain period, it means I have been doing the right thing by thinking of more ways to generate income.” He added.

Admitting that music had done amazing things for him. He Said “Music did amazing things for me by putting me in key positions to be able to build further. Everyone needs to understand that knowing someone for something doesn’t mean that is what the person will die doing. If one doesn’t invest in more streams of income, when the music stops selling, how would one be able to sustain oneself? I have a background in business, so for me, it is beyond just music.

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