Tuesday, March 31

M.I Abaga Reveals Reasons Why He Left Chocolate City

MI Abaga

Nigerian Legendary rapper and Hit producer, Jude Abaga, popularly known as M.I Abaga has disclosed some reasons why he left Chocolate City and went on to start his own record label, ‘Incredible Music’.

Abaga  surprised his fans with the announcement of his exit from label -Chocolate City after 13 years of loyalty,  a decision he didn’t quite open up on immediately.

Nevertheless, MI had in a recent statement reported by Channels TV dinner disclosed reasons  why he left Chocolate City. He stressed that he left to do something new.

He confirmed that the relationship, however between him and Chocolate City is still intact, adding that he wanted to keep the news of his exit strictly on a ‘need to know Basis’ 

He stated, “Nothing happened to the relationship [with Chocolate City]. We are family for life.”

 Adding that: “Chocolate City is family. It is time for me to do a new thing musically. Generally, I have had a no-press policy on this issue. The reason is that I don’t want my words to be twisted. I am careful who I answer.”

MI restressed that he is uttermostly grateful  to Chocolate City for all he achieved during his stay with them.

“After a while, it is time to do a new thing and I am grateful for everything that was,” the songwriter added. “I think right now, it is time for incredible music and for MI to move.”


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