Thursday, April 9

Mikel calls on Turkish authorities to suspend the league amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The Nigerian midfielder who currently plays for Trabzonspor in Turkey,  has called upon the Turkish authorities to follow the foot step of other nations by suspending sports activities.


The former Chelsea Star has disclosed that, he does not feel comfortable playing amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and has asked of the authorities of Turkey to cancel the rest of the season. As he further emphasised that, leading divisions around Europe have shut down in response to the Coronavirus epidemic.


But the Turkish league has failed to follow in their foot step, as the league matches are due to be played this weekend. His club side , Trabzonspor are set to play againt their rival title contender side Besiktas on Sunday. The 32 year old midfielder admits to Feeling uncomfortable at being forced to play against his will, that the Turkish league should suspend the 2019-2020 season.


He has posted on social media: “There is more to life than football.


“I do not feel comfortable and don’t want to play football in this situation.


“Everyone should be home with their families and loved ones in this critical time.


“Season should be cancelled as the world is facing such turbulent times.”


Other professionals have joined Mikel on his campaign. As Radamel Falcao currently playing in Turkey replied to Mike’s Tweet , Falcao said when replying to Mikel’s post: “You are right John. Life is


more important than football.”

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