Thursday, April 9

Military era better than Democratic era in Nigeria-Senator Smart Adeyemi

A senator representing kogi west senatorial destrict has on wednesday lashed out at the democratic era of government saying that the military regime is better than the democratic era.
Senator Smart Adeyemi, A senator that defeated Senator Dino Melaye stated this while making contributions to “a bill for an Act to establish the National Electoral Offences Commission and for Other Related matters.”
He addressed this statement by giving example on how hooligans emerge as leaders, noting that the situation has painted Nigeria’s democracy in bad light to the extent that people look at all politicians as criminals.
He said:”Mr. President, when people of questionable character become leaders, then what is the future of that country. In fact, I am compelled to say, military era is better than Nigeria’s democracy.
He further continued by saying “When you talk about maladministration and misappropriation of public funds, it emanates from people who have criminal records, people who have no background were elected or forced themselves into power. “We are living witnesses to bad governance and bad representation in parliament. We must support this bill to bring good people into power, not charlatans, not ragamuffin.
“People who have criminal records come to the National Assembly to make laws.
“Mr. President, this is one of the best bills that we must all support”
The senate president Ahmad Lawan while reacting to this, refuted the claim by Senator Smart Adeyemi saying that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. He further stated that as far as he his concerned Democratic era is more better than military era.

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