Thursday, April 9

My Heritage is Nigerian-Anthony Joshua told Queen Elizabeth in their first Ever meeting

Anthony Joshua meet Queen Elizabeth II one on one for the first time and delivered a Speech in front of the Biritish Royal Family during a service to celebrate commonwealth family, Monday.


His speech touch a number of issues right from his British and Nigerian Background, Unity among the commonwealth, he also gushes about his Yoruba background.


The heavyweight world champion was among the few chosen to deliver a speech at the event


He said:

My name is Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua and, like many of you here, I’m a child of the Commonwealth.


I was born in Watford and my heritage is Nigerian. I come from the Yoruba people, who are the largest and some might say the loudest ethnic group in all of Africa.

I’m proudly Nigerian and proudly British.


These days we hear so much about division and difference that some might be tempted to see that as a bad thing.

But on the contrary, it’s a beautiful thing.


A thing to be celebrated and cherished, and a great source of peace and stability.


I feel opportunity should be there for the taking along with hard work, dedication and perseverance, regardless of one’s background.


We need to strive harder collectively in order to create unity.


It takes a village to raise a child. And in the same vein it takes a whole community to act and stand together to tackle some of the challenges we are confronted with today.


So here’s to fish and chips, egusi soup and pounded yam.


“To the UK and Nigeria, and the children of the Commonwealth.


After the speech, Anthony Joshua meet briefly with the queen and exchange pleasantries.

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