Tuesday, March 31

Nigeria and japan signed a $18.2m agreement to support NCDC medical laboratory investigations

Minister of state for budget and planning Prince Clem Agba signed on behalf of the nation with japan  an $18.2m Agreement to further support NCDC’s medical laboratory investigation.


He further praised the Japanese government for fulfilling the promise made by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Nigeria at the TICAD 7 Conference in Tokyo, last year. He described the signing of the agreement as a perfectly timed one. As the cases of the corona virus outbreaks is widely spreading around the world and every nation is doing their best to protect their territory.


Mr Yutaka kikuta the Japanese Ambassador who signed on behalf of the Japanese government said the agreement was to support the nigerian disease center to engage in quick responds to any disease out break. He further explained that the funds will be expended on such projects as the construction of a Central Public Health Laboratory in Lagos as well as the procurement of equipment to 8 laboratories in different locations.


The locations, according to him, were the Central Public Health Laboratory in Lagos; LUTH Virology Laboratory; National Hospital, Abuja; University College Hospital, Ibadan; University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu; Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Edo State; UBTH, Benin; and University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital.

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