Monday, April 6

Nigerian port authority boss, Hadiza Bala Usman denies claims of having an affair with Mr El- rufai

Ms usman chief of staff to Mr El-rufai 2015 to 2016, now the current managing director of Nigerian ports authority. Has denied having a romantic relationship with her ex boss Mr El rufai currently the governor of kaduna state on her interview withTvc programme On monday,  in celebration of the international women’s day In which she emphasised that no such relationship existed to help her acquire her NPA job.


She further described this claims of her relationship with Mr El- rufai as baseless and false ” over flogged story”. In her words she said.


“He has been very supportive of my career and the career of every other woman that has worked for him.
“As you are aware, Kaduna State is the first state in northern Nigeria that has an elected female deputy governor; so you can see he has that commitment having women in positions of authority so that rumour is completely untrue,” Ms Usman said.
Miss Usman was appointed the managing director  for nigerian port authority in july 2016 by president Muhammadu Buhari, which aroused controversy with some people questioning her experience for the job. In which she perceived such controversy as an attemp to hack down women from acquiring high positions.
“These are the things they say to women to pull us down, they say for everything you have done in terms of showcasing your competence they always reference and attribute it to the fact that you are in a relationship with another person,” she said.
“The bottomline is that you got a job and you perform, so when people reference that you got there because you were somebody’s girlfriend, that is a pull down,” Ms Usman said.

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