Tuesday, March 31

Notorious Gang leader resurfaced in lagos.

A few days back, the lagos state police force undergone a brief operation in an attempt to capture the notorious leader and so called sons of the satellite town and suburbs in Lagos. In which they successfully arrested about 40 persons who were suspected of being members of the notorious gang terrorising those areas. But luckily for the gangs leader he fled before the police arrived.
It was learned that he fled his area with a motorcycle a few days before the police stormed his area.
Residents of Abule-Ado, Vin-Niger, Abule-Osun, some parts of Trade Fair, Mile 2 and Festac town had constantly complained about the ceaseless attacks. extortion, forceful takeover of their hard-earned property, torture, intimidation and harassment by thugs led by this mastermind kingpin.
His thugs reportedly parade the areas freely armed with dangerous weapons without fear of police in mind.
Few days after, he has resurfaced around that area again. This man claims to be the leader of Oguntade community in satellite town.

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