Sunday, April 5

PDP to APC: stop playing politics with the COVID-19 pandemic

The people’s democratic party has alermed the all progressive Congress not to play politics with the outbreak of the CoronaVirus, but to join other well meaning Nigerians in eradicating this disease.
The PDP said it is on record that the APC, even as a party in government, “has failed to adduce any meaningful suggestion on ways to address the raging pandemic, but had rather enmeshed in internal squabbles while the country is at risk.”
According to a statement disclosed late on Wednesday night by party spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan read: “Nigerians will recall that the PDP had on several occasions advised the federal government on effective pre-emptive measures as well as the need for need for concerted efforts and safeguards in the fight against Covid-19, which Mr. President also implemented today.
“We place on record that the PDP had repeatedly urged President Buhari to lead from the front, like other world leaders, in this fight against Covid-19 by addressing Nigerians; a responsibility he is yet to perform.
“While our party and patriotic Nigerians are busy seeking for solutions, the APC and the Buhari Presidency remain distant and failed to demonstrate capacity in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our nation.
“The APC is only sulking over the success being recorded by our party in the South West, for which it has resorted to making vague allegations and playing politics with a global pandemic at a time when responsible Nigerians are searching for solution.
“The PDP will however not be distracted in its commitment to the wellbeing and safety of Nigerians. As such, our party will not dissipate energy on the APC and its government that have no regard for Nigerians.”

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