Thursday, April 9

Policeman killed his wife and committed suicide in ondo state

Mr Tolulope a policeman assigned to the ondo state command Murdered his wife and committed suicide soon after in Akungba Akoko area ondo state Nigeria.


The couple had a two year old baby and also a three week old nursing baby. As this event took place on tuesday evening, it happened after he returned from work on that unfaithful evening.


According to reports, the suspect has been complaining about the number and frequency of calls the deceased wife receives daily from men. The suspect who according to vanguard source has been cautioning the wife up untill this fated evening he couldn’t take it anymore.


It was said he was so infuriated that he went and grab his service gun and short the wife at close range in which she died on the spot and on hearing the gun short by the husband, the neighbours rushed there and met the wife bathed in her blood.


Soon after the suspect short him self on a close range. Mr Tee leo Ikoro the state police spokesman described this incident as Unfortunate. He also emphasised that the state police are still investigating this matter.

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