Tuesday, March 31

Prime minister of Italy suspends Serie A indefinately

Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte has revealed that the Italian Seria A has been suspended indefinitely due to the outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19, as the country continues to battle to contain the spread of the virus.


The minister announced the country wide-lock down to avoid spread of the virus. Which resulted in football been suspended too as well.


According to recent reports, 468 people have died from the virus out of the total of 9,172 who were infected with the deadly virus in the country. This events has resulted in the government issuing a country lock down. In addition to the initial banning of public gathering and movement other than for work and emergencies in north Italy.


The Italian Serie A has had recent matches behind closed doors but this new action will make them impossible to continue.


In the prime ministers words.
“There is no more time, the numbers tell us there is a significant increase in the contagion, in intensive care and the deaths,” Conte told a press conference. “Our habits have to change, we must sacrifice something for the good of all of Italy. This is why we will adopt even more stringent measures.”


“I will sign the new decree, which can be summed up with the phrase ‘I am staying at home.’ There are no more red zones, there is just an Italy that is protected.


“We must avoid travel unless for proven work reasons, health reasons or other necessities. We ban large public gatherings.

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