Saturday, March 28

Protests in kano over blasphemy song against the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

A barrage of youth stormed the hisbah office in Kano on wednesday over the alleged blasphemous song against the holy prophet Muhammad(pbuh). They alledged that the government of the state are being reluctant to act on the issue.


The protest was lead by one Idris Ibrahim, who claims government need to do something about this matter otherwise they take care of it them selves, Premium Times reports.
The musician responsible for the arise of this matter is one Yahaya Shariff – Aminu, who composed a song allegedly making blasphemous comments about the prophet (PBUH). This incident has lead to violence against the family of the musician whom have fled their current residence, as their family house located in Sharifai quaters in kano was set a blaze by angry youths last friday.
The kano Hisbah commander Harun ibn- Sina while addressing the protesters said the officials of the state are on the matter and that the parents of the musician have been arrested.
The representative of the state police commissioner  Habu Sani also addressed the protesters that the fleeing musician will be apprehended by the police.
Also the representative of the police chief Hamza urged the protesters to all the authorites do their job and not to take matters into their hands.

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