Thursday, April 9

Sanusi will be under house arrest in Exile and will not be allowed to see visitors

Ganduje’s aide explain what will happen to Sanusi in Exile.


The aide to kano state governor Tanko Yakasai has confirmed the dethroment of Sanusi and the enthronment of Ado Bayero son as the emir of kano.


Yakasai has taken his time to explain what will happen to Sanusi, he stated that as a deposed king, he will be under house arrest and won’t be given audience with his visitors.


“Clearly, some people are ignorant of how dethronement works.


“When an Emir is dethroned, he is sent to exile in a remote location and will basically be under house arrest and won’t have access to visitors.


“A person under this circumstances will be after his freedom and not the next election,” he tweeted.


A new king has been named immediately and he his the late emir of Kano state Son. He his Aminu Ado Bayero and he made the 15th Fulani Emir of the state.


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