Tuesday, March 31

Security in Kano beefed up after Sanusi’s removed

Shortly After news agency of nigeria (NAN) reported that, the secretary to the kano state government (SSG) Alhaji Usman Alhaji anounced the removal of the embattle monarch, Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II, at the news conference In government house on monday.


The security around the Emir’s palace  and other strategic places were buffed up including the government house territory in kano state so as to safeguard Lives and properties. NAN also reported that armed security personal were assigned to the Entrance of the government house watching the people going along the state road whice lead to other areas of the city.


They also noticed that visitors to the government house were thoroughly checked before entering the government house. NAN observed that Soon after the removal of the monarch armed security personnel were seen patrolling around streets to signify their readiness for any retaliation.


Despite this crucial decision, the city has remained calm as people went on with their normal daily Activities.

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