Tuesday, June 2

Toyin Abraham Speaks On What God Is Doing To Mankind With Coronavirus Epidemic

Toyin Abraham

Renown Nigerian film actress, filmmaker, director and producer, Toyin Abraham, has given a hint on what she thinks God is trying to the do with the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The Veteran actress, shared a lovely photo via her verified Instagram handle with the caption;

“God is showing us his power with this virus. He’s reminding us that, WE ARE ALL LIVING AT HIS MERCY. He’s using this virus to waking us up from our slumber. God is telling us not to feel too relaxed and be lost in the pursuit of this life. He’s telling us it costs him nothing to punish the whole world at a time.

However, we do not need to panic or live in fear, all we have to do is to take precautions and SEEK God more. And after this whole thing, if this messenger in disguise of a virus do not change you to being a better person, then, you are irredeemable. THIS SHOULD CHANGE THE WORLD FOR BETTER..”

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