Tuesday, March 31

Two strains of Coronavirus discovered, one deadlier than the other

CNBC reports that china researchers have diagnosed two different strains of the COVID- 19 (Corona Virus) which are the source of the infection worldwide.


Scientists of Peking University’s School of Life Sciences and the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai published in a preliminary study that,  a more aggressive strain of COVID- 19 has been acounted for 70% of the totally analysed strains, while the remaining 30% is the less aggressive strains. Which was published in the national science review journal of Chinese Academy of sciences. The researchers further disclosed that the more aggressive strains where more prevelent in the early stage of the out break of the virus in Wuhan where it was first detected in december.
Although the aggressive type of COVID- 19 has decreased in January,  as researchers , however cautioned that the data analysed in this research is still limited.
This study was disclosed soon after the world health organization confirmed the fast spread of this virus with more than 93,000 people infected and about 3,100 deaths so far.

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