Thursday, April 9

We won’t allow herdsmen to kill and rape Igbo Again-Ohanaeze

Ohanaeze Ndigbo, The Igbo Apex Sociocultural Organisatio has warned that it wil not fold its hand and watch Fulani Herdsman continue to harass, rape and kill its people.


This was included in an open letter to the Inspector General of Police through the group’s president general, Nnia Nwodo titled “The road to Anarchy”


He said that Igbo were ready and capable of depending themselves from any aggression, reports the Punch.


“We are law-abiding, hospitable and always ready to coexist with others as friends and brothers but not as foes and at a supreme price. Enough is enough,” Nwodo said.


He also narrated how two Fulani boys openly wielded AK-47 rifles in Anambra community and Commissioner of Police in the state refused to arrest those boys, “because they came from a particular section of the country.”


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