Friday, June 5

COVID-19: Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), calls for a reversal on decision to cut down pay of healthcare workers by %25

Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), has resisted the move by Kaduna state government to slash down, the pay of doctors and other health practitioners by %25 and calls for a reversal to avert crisis.

” NMA hereby calls on the State Government to as a matter of urgency  to avert crisis in the health sector of Kaduna State by immediately paying all health care workers the balance of 25% of their April 2020 salaries “Enhance the hazard allowance of health care workers by domesticating the memorandum of understanding entered into by the Federal Government with the unions in the health sector

“Implement a tax rebate for health care workers in the State. Provide Life Insurance and other social benefits for Health care workers in the State,” .

They also noted that, since the outbreak of this pandemic, over 40 health care workers in the nation have fell sick to this virus, in their course of duty, and many more in fear of being infected.

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