Monday, May 25

70 year old arrested in Katsina for insulting president Muhammad Buhari and the state governor

A 70 year old man and two other were arrested by the Katsina state police force, as they were allegedly apprehended for insulting president Muhammad Buhari and the State governor Aminu Masari in a video that had gone viral.
The police spokesman in Katsina, Gambo Isa, in a statement, identified the suspect as Lawan Izala.

The police said Mr Izala, in “confessional statement” explained that he insulted the them after he found out that, their cows were rustled and the shepherd killed by suspected armed bandits.

“I’m tormented with what happened in the village. While on my way back I met Bahajaje Abu (man who filmed the incident) asking me about the government, I told him that I withdrew my support because of what happened with my cows, I am now left with nothing, that is how I became emotional and started the insult,” Mr Izala said in the confessional statement released by the police.

He further noted that the video was made about 3 months ago but was recently released on social media.
The third person arrested aside from the person who made the video is shop owner, located at Gafai quarters, Katsina metropolis, Hamza Abubakar, whom the video was made in front of his shop.

Insulting a political leader, including the president or a governor, is not a crime in Nigeria. However, authorities at state and federal levels have increasingly clamped down on perceived critics, and usually apply diverse laws to charge them with disrespecting the leaders the police disclosed.

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