Monday, May 25

Al-Hikmah University Semester Online Examination and the Challenges within it by Adams Balade

I have searched for questions to raise in other to challenge this phase of online examinations in Nigeria with the focal point of the first University to summon courage to address this staying at home by our students in other to enable them continue with their school activities, I couldn’t find any.

I thought of many options that could inhibit the examination process like lack of laptops or phones or network, then my brain provided me with an answer prompt that all students who attends a school like Al-Hikmah should be able to afford any of the listed gadgets, so that would never be a problem at all.

With the use of Zoom(A webinar application) it won’t be a problem. Oh!, I thought of something, if the network strength of a particular place is weak, how do you manage to supervise such person, In fact the major problem of this is network. With this, students could use it as a parameter to carry out malpractice coupled with invigilation of large number of students like in the case of Al- Hikmah University that has the size of a public University. No matter what we should praise Al-Hikmah University for this unprecedented step.

I hope the University will have a way to go about this things. They should borrow technical know-how from Educatinal testing service (ETS) or better still they should partner with ETS for a better examination coalition to test this students in a fair manner that no one could offer any excuse in any form. ETS is an international company that offers internet base exams like TOEFL and GRE for studens to enter world top universities. Therefore, it will do the university good to adopt this strategies or partner with them.

It is with great dismay that Nigerian Public University could not roll out any form of solutions to enable our brothers and sisters to continue school while at home, I am transmogrified by the dilettante response or move of Nigerian Universities. This clearly tells Nigeria and Nigerians that our universities have not been positioned in the right acme. We are truly lagging behind in every aspect.
I wish National University Commission (NUC) will come with a pattern to enable this students continue school in any form that will enable their safety.

Having read copious of epistles and listened to witty talks from ingenious Nigerians, I came into conclusions that we have to learn how to live with this COVID-19 safely before a panacea will surface. That is a more reason for National University Commission to start an Unprecedented moves that will bring smiles to Nigerian students.

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