Friday, May 29

COVID-19: FG assure to follow due process in testing and administering of the imported COVID-19 syrup from Madagascar

Following the ordering of the Madagascar syrup for prevention and cure of the COVID-19 virus, the federal government has assured that it will make sure the Madagascar herbal remedy for COVID-19 will be subjected to the normal regulatory processes before it can be administered for use in Nigeria.
This was relayed by the National Coordinator, Presidential Task Force (PTF) on the COVID-19, Dr. Sani Aliyu, said this on Tuesday in Abuja at the 30th joint national briefing of the taskforce.

“I want to start briefly by talking about the Madagascar cure. As directed by the President, I want to state that any medication coming into the country whether it is herbal cure or concoction or normal drug. It has to be subjected to the normal regulatory process.

“The Madagascar cure will be subjected to the normal process we expect within the legal frameworks and guidelines that we have. More importantly, not only to establish its efficacy but for it to be legally registered he said.

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