Friday, June 5

COVID-19: medical doctors and nurse held hostage at kano isolation center

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, along side it are unpredictable events. As two medical doctors and a nurse were held hostage on Thursday by COVID-19 patients at Kwanar Dawakin isolation centre in Kano.
Aminu Muhammad, A former chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association in Kano, revealed this information while he was on a talk show on WAZOBIA FM’s ‘make una wake up show’ on Friday morning.
He said they were fully kitted and locked in a room for almost four hours with a COVID-19 patient in which they almost suffocated before the door was broke down to free them from this detention.

A patient admitted at the isolation center who remains anonymous called the WAZOBIA FM’s and said their action was to protest against inadequate attention and the delay in testing and confirm their status after seven days of being on medication.

“What happened really was that they are not attending to the patients and they kept on deceiving the patients they are coming and they won’t come. At the end of the day, patients might end up sleeping with hunger, sleeping without drugs.”

“For example, you can imagine somebody spending two weeks (coughing) and still not done his first test because you supposed to do first test after seven days to know if you are now negative. But many of us spending two weeks or 10 days now without first test, for how long are we going to stay here?”

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