Monday, May 25

COVID-19: Nigerian flight set to evacuate Nigerians from U.S. has been rescheduled backwards to Saturday from Sunday

The first batch of Nigerians set to be evacuated to Nigeria from the united states on Sunday, has been scheduled backwards to saturday. As they Also changed the flight number from ET 509 announced on Sunday to ET 8509 by the same carrier, Ethiopian Airlines.
This was announced by the Consulate-General of Nigeria in New York on behalf of the Nigerian Missions in the U.S., on Tuesday.
The consulate said not less than 700 Nigerians applied for the evacuation exercise, but the flight was able to accommodate just 270 passengers who would be evacuated first, based on their immigration status.
“This includes the need to consider those stranded with proof of short-stay visas, the elderly, families with children and returning students,” it said.

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