Friday, May 29

“It’s a short life don’t waste your time being unhappy”- Cubana Chief Priest Warns

Cubana Chief Priest

Renown Nigerian Enterpreneur and entertainer, Cubana Chief Priest has shared a piece of advice to his fans on Instagram.

He urged that nobody should ever manage abuse, disrespect and humiliation as it always leads to depression and suicide.

The celebrity show promoter took to his Instagram page where he wrote;

“In anything you do, never you manage Abuse, Disrespect N humiliation it leads to total Uncomfort, depression and it leads to suicide.

Never you manage negativity, Make sure you Walk away Stay Woke

It’s a short life don’t waste your time being unhappy all you need to do is move away so as to give life and peace a chance.

Happiness is priceless n major!!”


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