Friday, May 29

My Mom Wanted Me To Be A Reverend Father – Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo

John Dumelo

Renown Ghanaian actor, farmer and politician, John Dumelo during an interview with YFM’s Y-Leaderboard Series has revealed that his mother’s wish for him was to be a Reverend Father.

John who is happily married to Gifty Mawunya Nkornu shared that he was once a mass server in the Catholic Church and his mother expected him to continue in the service to become a priest.

In his words;

“I used to serve mass and at a point, I think my mother even wanted me to be a Reverend Father but that calling, I beat am. When you serve mass well, they’ll probably tell you to go to Pope John Senior High School and continue to the seminary and so on but I beat that path. God had other purposes for me.”

He also Went further to share facts about his career during the interview stating that although his acting job wasn’t the sole source of his Income, it gave him a good life and vacations to wherever he wanted.

He explained that money wasn’t his intention when he joined  politics. Dumelo said his desire to help people is what has driven him to go into the political field:

“Making money isn’t the reason for getting into politics. The demands are even higher than what you’d make as an MP. It’s not an avenue to make money it’s an avenue to serve the people.”

Speaking on The Benefits of Farming to Young Ghanaians, the Actor said:

“Farming is a very lucrative business but as a new farmer, never start on a large scale. You have to start on a small scale, pay attention to the details and use the opportunity to learn the basics. Farming as a career requires your full attention and if you can’t do that, then you are bound to make so much loss as a farmer.”



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