Monday, May 25

Nigerian Senate suspends 5G networks deployments

The Nigerian Senate has directed the federal government to put a hold on the planned installments of the fifth generation networks in Nigeria.

The Senate resolution is sequel to a motion on the present status of 5G Network in Nigeria.
Sen. Uche Ekwunife (PDP Anambra), sponsored this this motion. In which in her debate she said there were growing concerns on whether nigeria is currently connected to the network or not.

She also said there were further concerns by some scientists and medical experts that emission from 5G towers could adversely affect the health of citizens by causing symptoms like damage to the eyes and immune systems, among other adverse effects.

Although the network hold promising advancements in mobile broadband services because of its faster speed and better capacity, she said it was important to investigate the status of the 5G network to ensure that nigerian citizens are not exposed to health risks.

According to reports, Senate in its other resolution directed the concerned committees to also investigate the technological impact of the network on Nigerians and report back to plenary within two weeks.

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